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This one, reinforced with poured concrete and three-inch-thick bullet-proof windows, was 61 tons. According to a neighbor, Heemeyer moved to town more than ten years before the incident. Heemeyer countered this with a lawsuit which failed again. Colorado town. For six months, he used his welding skills to armor up his bulldozer so he could use it for his revenge. The building was repaired and most recently it was home to a bike shop. Scenes from Grand Theft Auto being enacted in real life, like Heemeyer’s suicidal wrecking spree, help drive this vision; so, too, as I saw at Plan B Supply’s warehouse, does a consumer market which serves up ever-more luxurious armoured vehicles to meet consumer demand. Having grown weary of Heemeyer’s indecisiveness, the Docheffs went to the Granby City Council and sought to re-zone the land surrounding Heemeyer’s muffler shop. He attacked and partially destroyed the Thompson and Sons Excavating Company garage, taking out some trailers in the process. Required fields are marked *. The town of Granby allowed a cement plant to be located near Heemeyer’s muffler shop in 2000. Some of the preppers I met had built elaborate deep-level bunkers. It took twelve hours with a blowtorch to enter into the cabin of the armored bulldozer to retrieve his dead body. The Xcel Energy building was completely rebuilt and it now houses Cabin Works and a dog grooming business. It is clear, however, based on social media postings, that he owned body armor. Left: 9mm Kel-Tec P-11       Right: .357 Magnum Revolver. The damage was repaired and additional space was added to the front of the building. Get the latest posts delivered to your mailbox: © Copyright Patrick Brower and Deer Track Publishing 2017. But if the shooters are wearing body armor, the effectiveness of such deterrence may be limited. The concrete batch plant yard is where the gun battles took place where Heemeyer shot at Cody Docheff, and several police officers. They fired at apparent viewing ports, the engine compartment and at the rifle firing embrasures in the tank. For Heemeyer – like many preppers – the social contract itself was a kind of latent disaster. The armor consisted of two half inch (12.7mm) steel plates with concrete in the middle and bonded plexiglas which gave it the same benefits of composite armor. This involved his Komatsu D355A bulldozer. He attacked the Xcel Energy building (owned by the Thompsons), destroying trucks and totaling the building in the midst of a battle against a county scraper driven by Clark Branstetter. He had morphed from a prepper into a domestic terrorist, having more in common with a martyr driving a car bomb than a prepper determined to survive at all costs. He spent a few minutes trying to ignite the local gas company’s storage tanks by firing at them with his .50 cal rifle. One group in Utah, at a place called Plan B Supply, had kitted out armored trucks that could serve simultaneously as a hardened bolthole and escape vehicle. Five journalists killed in Annapolis, Maryland, Meme inspired by Heemeyer rampage in Granby becomes extreme right wing rallying cry, TREAD, the KILLDOZER film, opens with Q and A’s this week, Denver Channel 7 Features the upcoming film “Tread”, TREAD film preview is up on Apple Trailers, release date is Feb. 21, KILLDOZER book gets positive review in on-line site. The nearly 3 hours worth of Marv’s complete audio recordings were recently released: It had a top road speed of 7.45 mph (12 km/h) and a horsepower per ton of 8.36. He spent a few minutes trying to ignite the Independent Propane Company’s storage tanks by firing at them with his .50 cal rifle.

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