coleman rv air conditioner not blowing cold air

I have a 2020 5th wheel big horn traveler by heartland. He owns an RV Accessories shop in New York City so he has the knowledge necessary to provide thorough reviews and give advice on how to choose the right products for RV travel. >> Check here for more good tips and reviews about RV appliances <<, Carlos Perry’s passion for outdoor activities can be traced back to 5 years ago when he spent a significant time to conquer beautiful pristine lands and experience different cultures with his best friends.

RV Talk may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. In the other hand, a compressor malfunction would inevitably cause hot air to come out (, ).

While replacing the capacitors, you must remember not to touch the terminal with your bare hands and exhaust the old capacitors electricity before final disposal. A Detailed Explanation, The 12 Best RV Vent Fans and Covers of 2020, The 12+ Best RV Vacuum Cleaners To Buy In 2020, The 8 Best Air Conditioners for Pop Up Campers, The 12 Best RV Washer Dryer Combos in 2020, The 10 Best RV Dehumidifiers to Buy Today.
My ac is not cooling right.

This issue does not take a lot of time to fix. The air from intake and exhaust could get mixed if the foam ring in the splitter wears out.

Exposed bearing motors often have convenient oiling ports at each end of the unit but you may have to remove the metal sheeting and a few screws to access them. “. But I’m parked directly under the sun with no shade and it is 105 degrees outside.

Charge it with more liquid to restore the normal function.

In the case you don’t have the time and patience to repair the fan motor, you could order a new one from the store. Most RVs don’t have good insulation because extra-thick walls will eat up the living space. While you are at it, you should also check the roof portions of the AC unit for leaks, loose bolts or gaskets. So the air conditioner was not “broken”.

Remember to switch the AC off before starting the cleaning task. These all work together to make the air cool. Clean it and also check the foam filter in the intake grate to see if it is clean or not. But if you are someone who likes to do their own work and have some knowledge about RV mechanism and air conditioning systems, you can fix this issue.

Am i panicking for nothing or is it just hot out side. Have you been able to resolve the issue?

The former could be rebuilt at a relatively cheap expense but it’s not economically sound to repair the latter. If you’re the RV’s air conditioner system not blowing cold air or overheats easily, the coils and fins may need to be cleaned and dusted. Campground Reviews - Trusted Reviews from RVers Li... Visit Greenbrier Campground In The Great Smoky Mou... Fort De Soto Camping On The Florida Gulf Coast, What can be more frustrating than a dead AC?

And, to all RVers, RV air conditioner not blowing cold is a troublesome issue, especially if the vehicle is exposed to high temperature and blazing sunlight.

Dirt and grime can jam the evaporator and blower motor fins and obstruct the cold air streaming.


A few more reliable brands selling the best RV air condition units are Dometic, Airexcel, and Atwood. When you notice that your Dometic air conditioner is not blowing cold air, check the power panel.

: Every once in a while, you have to remove the air conditioner shroud and proceed to oil the fan motor. A soap and water mix is enough to clean the foam filter, but you have to change it if it’s a couple of years old. Some air conditioner models feature an inbuilt safety float switch. For example: Nowadays, recreational vehicles could possess multiple power-hungry A/C that proves too much for campground power supply. Just keep your trailer out of the way of direct sunlight. ” and others must be solved as soon as possible.

Important Note: It’s obvious that you don’t need to be an expert on air conditioners to troubleshoot A/C and carry out repairs. Several components can get clogged with dirt and other materials, causing the RV air conditioner not blowing cold air.

That is why a faulty/damaged starting capacitor could be the real reason behind “. Founded repair manual on line.

A starting capacitor could also go bad as time passes, especially if the air conditioner hasn’t been used for an extended amount of time. Occasionally, you may spot signs such as smoke and leak oil when either or both of these components go bad. If you conclude that there is nothing out of the ordinary after examining the power panel, the next thing to check is the starting capacitors.

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