the normans in ireland facts

The importance of the Normans in Ireland's history cannot be overstated - they had an effect on every aspect of life and the legacy of their building is still visible throughout the country. A still more brutal and unseemly act was the forcing of the Abbess of Kildare to leave her convent and to marry one of his people; at the same time he slew nearly two hundred of her nuns and townsmen who endeavoured to defend her. Dervorgil may have been weary of life with such a man; she is said to have been carried off by her own consent and at the instigation of her brother, who had his own scores to pay off against Dermot for the latter’s rebellion against their father the King of Meath. They brought with them massive defensive structures known as the Motte and Bailey, these are the forgotten castles of the Normans, and they were quick and easy to build and offered protection in the short term as they were made of wood. The Vikings settled in the British Isles while the Normans were Vikings that either moved past or through the British Isles to settle in northern France. The book is also available in Kindle. In 1170, a Norman lord called Richard de Clare, nicknamed Strongbow, came to Ireland from Wales. This event resulted in the Treaty of Windsor in 1175. A Changing Libraries Initiative - This site and all content is made available under respective copyrights. Before long they were enthusiastically engaged in expanding the lands they’d been given. As they moved south, King Charles III (also called Charles the Simple) of the Frankish Kingdom became afraid that the Vikings would overtake France. Richard De Clare was a shrewd negotiator, and his deal with Dermot MacMurrough stated that upon his death, he would inherit Dermot’s lands and the Kingdom of Leinster and that he would be married to Dermot’s daughter Aoife.
When Dermot, after searching for him “up and down, forwards and back,” at last arrived before him, he was far away beyond seas in the remote parts of Aquitaine and, as always, “much engaged in business.” The meeting of these two men, who represented in their persons the future relationship and destiny of their two countries, is interesting. Just a hundred years before Dermot sought the help of Henry II, William of Normandy had completed the onward march of his race by his conquest of England, but the two nations were only slowly uniting into a homogeneous population. to this page.

The story begins with Dermot MacMurrough, sometimes referred to as “Dermot of the Foreigners”. This made him the first of the Norman rulers in Ireland. Henry appointed Norman military commanders to enforce the treaty, awarding them land, and then, basically, left them to it. Strongbow later married Diarmuid’s daughter, Aoife. The Normans created what is now known world wide as a Knight. To all of them Dermot held out a variety of tempting baits; and to the most powerful of them all, Richard of Striguil, Earl of Pembroke, the ancestor of the house of the de Clares, later to be more familiarly known by his sobriquet of “Strongbow,” he offered the great bribe of the hand of his daughter, Aoife, or Eva, with the succession to the kingdom of Leinster after his own death.

Within the Pale English Law and manners prevailed, beyond it the Norman Irish basically did as they pleased, which led to the modern usage of the term “beyond the pale” to describe unacceptable or uncontrollable behaviour. This is why he gained the name Strongbow. However no sooner was the treaty agreed than it began to fall apart. Nor was the idea of adding Ireland to his great empire a new one to Henry. These different cultural backgrounds fused and blended after the conquest.

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